Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Internship Jobs in Kenya

Terms of Reference for LMPS Interns
Job title
Reports to: Project Director

Target sectors
  • Private Sector and Public sector (specifically in Manufacturing, Service, informal, social entrepreneurship and community service)
Job Description:
  • To contribute to the design of a successful market scan, setting up, conducting and recording the outcomes of the scan.
  • To develop tools and action plans required for implementation of a successful market scan as per standards communicated during orientation.
  • To generate market scan deliverables, and contribute to the development of independent and original ideas as appropriate
  • To collect and analyze primary and secondary data using appropriate statistical techniques and packages including but not limited to focused group discussions with youth, household surveys, interviews with corporate clients.
  • To communicate and present survey results through a final report mentioning all the references including anecdotes, notes from the industry, websites, books and any other suitable material used or useful for the survey.
  • To collect and submit to the project Director lists of contacts and business cards of key individuals met during the survey for the purpose of follow up.
  • To actively participate in regular review meetings with the project Director every three days in order to review progress.
  • To manage survey data with the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality in keeping with the requirements of Nondisclosure requirements of the job.
Qualification & Experience
  • Graduation / diploma in the Management Studies.
Skill Sets

  • Excellent people skills and friendly manner,
  • Commercial awareness for work with corporate clients, methodical and well organized,
  • Excellent communication skills,
  • Accurate and clear written skills when producing questionnaires and reports,
  • Confidence when dealing with a wide variety of people,
  • Technical Skills in the area of research and interview skills.
Assignment Period: 07 days.


1. Development of the Market scan report along with a power point presentation with highlights. The report must clearly highlight the job and entrepreneurship opportunities available based upon Geographical distribution of Nairobi. i.e., North, East, South, West and Central.

2. A sample of 5 from each sector has to be covered. For instance 5 hotels, 5 shopping malls etc.,

3. Interviews with Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and City Counsel of Nairobi.

4. At least 2 focused group discussions with 2 youth groups consisting of 20 in each group. (Photo graph is a must.) The discussions must be captured in the community profiling.

5. Visit to one Government TVET and One Private TVET and the details of the visit must be

6. Collection of business cards and development of list of contacts.

Send c.v and application letters to not later than 1st March 2012.
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