Friday, August 31, 2012


            Kenya is among many countries in the world are yet to embrace e-commerce fully. The rate of unemployment stands exceedingly high and is set to go up with time if nothing is done to curt the situation.
            You may not know it but the potential in Kenya is enormous especially with reference to the upcoming businesses such as small and micro enterprises and individual traders. Starting an online business in Kenya may not require much.

            Having a website or blog site is one of the requirements of any business. In addition, one needs to learn how to operate the site and get more traffic. A lot has been done by sponsors and the Kenyan government to empower the youth.
            For instance, Google has collaborated with together micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to create awareness and help start up websites. Google will also provide the basic knowledge on how to operate online.
            However, upcoming online businesspersons in Kenya need addresses problems encountered by the already established business. Ta mode of carrying out transactions ought to be invented and security upheld to guarantee customer loyalty.
            This is not to however, say that we do not have some successful online businesses in Kenya, they do exist especially n the service industries to promote tourism. E-commerce if well embraced would benefit the country in a number of ways.  E-commerce has the necessary power required to expand the Kenyan market so that it serves even clients from other countries like Tanzania and Uganda.
            Online businesses on Kenya will also facilitate increased competition between local and global firms while at the same time availing a variety of products for consumers to choose from.
            It is necessary for the government to sponsored educative forum educating the youth how to go about online businesses. It would also help an immense deal if a program of availing start-up capital was established.
            The banking industry is doing so well after establishing online business with exceptional reference to the issuance of credit card; profits are heavy and set to increase with mode people enrolling to credit cards.
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