Friday, February 01, 2013

Factory Manager Job Vacancy in Kenya

Factory Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for planning and directing the layout of equipment, workflow, assembly methods, and work force utilization.

  • Bachelor’s degree (BS or BA) from a four-year college or university
  • Minimum 18 years and above of related experience
  • Must have food/beverage manufacturing plant operations experience; dairy experience is highly desirable
  • Ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of regulatory laws and responsibilities as relative to processing and filling.
  • Demonstrates basic understanding of budgeting, cost control and federal milk marketing reporting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of dairy food processing.
  • Must have prior experience working in a union environment
  • Strong team player with the ability to work across multiple functions and disciplines
  • Must be able to train, supervise and develop staff, formulate policy, and direct activities
  • Ability to assess, evaluate, and solve problems
  • Ability to work long hours.
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing organizational and operational needs
  • Manages and oversees the daily activities of a manufacturing unit.
  • Manage the procurement of milk and other ingredients, and the manufacture, marketing and sale of cheese products.
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures
  • Coordinate and direct plant operations in the achievement of production, cost, quality safety objectives.
  • Ensure that the quality of products produced at the facility is consistent with intended design and desired image.
  • Monitor intake procedures of raw dairy products to assure quality standards are met and production shortages are avoided.
  • Coordinate production activities with procurement, sales, distribution, maintenance and quality control activities to obtain optimum production and utilization of manpower, machines and equipment.
  • Ensure accurate, timely, and efficient operation of shipping warehouse.  Coordinate with transportation, sales, and others as needed to meet needs of customer orders.
  • Contributes to the development of budgets and cost controls. Ensure direct reports analyze, budget, and control spending for their respective cost center.
  • Provide for the personal and professional growth of team through coaching, feedback and opportunity.
  • Foster participation of the workforce to enhance awareness and cooperation.
  • Facilitate the development of strategies and corrective actions to resolve quality issues as necessary.
  • Implements and maintains Company manufacturing policies, procedures, and production control programs.
  • Insure compliance with company policies and all government regulations.
  • Must insure full compliance with all quality assurance standards.
  • Insure full compliance with company dress code policy and good hygiene practices.
  • Insure compliance and enforcement of all work rules and regulations to plant operations and all applicable employees.
  • Provide for the development, prioritization and execution of capital improvement projects within the facility.
  • Promote Company Culture
  • Perform any other assigned tasks.
  • Understands the common goals of the company.
  • Sets a good example.
  • Works well with others.
Technical Knowledge Requirements:
  • Knowledge of production operations management for quality, yield and cost
  • Knowledge of plant technical activities
  • Knowledge of warehouse operations and inventory management
  • Software program proficiency in: Excel, Word, PowerPoint
Qualifying candidates should send their application letter together with detailed Curriculum Vitae to  before C.O.B 10th February 2013.
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