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Forecast and Planning Manager Job in Kenya 2012

Position: Forecast and Planning Manager

Location: Nairobi

About Bridge International Academies

Bridge International Academies was conceived in 2007 out of the belief that giving every child access to a high quality education would have the greatest impact on reducing poverty worldwide.

With that guiding insight, Bridge International developed a strategy that would enable it to launch a large-scale network of high-quality, ultra low-cost, for-profit primary schools.

Operating a network of schools supported by a strong central headquarters gives Bridge International the scale, experience, and capacity to invest in systems of management, support, training, and innovation that allows individual schools to dramatically increase their effectiveness.

Using this model, Bridge International is able to profitably deliver high-quality education for $4 per child per month. This ensures that its academies will continue to successfully serve its communities as long as parents value the educational service provided.

The first Bridge International Academy launched successfully in Kenya in 2009 and 60 academies will be operating in Kenya in January 2012. Through rapid and strategic expansion, Bridge International will provide a quality education to over a million students in the coming years.

About this position:
Job Purpose:

To direct the income forecasting, modeling, and profitability measurement and tracking functions of the school operations, to produce regular management and executive management analysis, forecasts, and profitability tracking reporting and well as actively participating in the development of the institution’s strategic plans, financial goals, and development strategies.

Responsibilities (Functions and duties)
  • Responsible for delivering efficient and integrated contact centre solutions that meet the current and future needs of the company
  • Provide accurate and timely forecasting leading to provision of head count requirements within the operation.
  • Effectively manage a team and provide technical expertise to the planning team.
  • Execute the forecasting and inventory planning process which entails consolidating customer forecasts, project forecast inputs and demand history to generate a rolling 12 month shipment forecast for all equipment and supplies in order to determine target inventory levels, and develop a purchasing forecast for all supplies.
  • Manages the design, development, and implementation of a comprehensive financial forecasting process using the QRM Balance Sheet Management system (QRM).
  • Manages and directs the production of multiple financial forecasts and what-if income sensitivity analyses; analyzes corporate and service-level performance against management objectives and goals; effectively presents and explains results to senior management.
  • Manages the design, development, and implementation of an effective service profitability measurement process
  • Identifies and develops studies that focus management’s attention on the most significant elements of risks to earnings in the financial forecasts and formulate strategy recommendations for senior management
  • Participates in the monitoring of losses and helps to recommend and implement changes to the risk forecasting/measurement process within the Company
  • Directs the analysis of the income impact of new capital/liquidity rules and regulations
  • Responsible for management guidance, oversight, and on-going training and development of direct staff members.
  • Keeps informed of new ideas and developments through publications, membership in professional organizations and contact with other financial institutions.
  • Remains abreast of regulatory developments, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) pronouncements, and best practices within the risk management industry.
  • Coordinates with Senior Management, Supervisors, and staff in all functional areas in the accomplishment of assigned duties.
  • Leads departmental projects as requested by Head of Department and performs other related duties as assigned.
Role Reports:
  • Planning and Forecasting Analyses Reports
  • Income Forecasts
  • Profitability and Loss Tracking Reports
  • Seven (7) years experience in a similar Forecasting and Planning Manager capacity in a fast-moving, multi-product environment
  • Must have led planning teams in the past

  • Must have a degree in supply chain, industrial engineering, finance, economics, mathematics, or another quantitative discipline and experience that provides the necessary skills and knowledge to satisfactorily perform the essential job functions.
  • A masters degree in Business, Supply Chain or Industrial Engineering shall be an added advantage
Professional:Professional certification in CFA or Supply Chain or Industrial Engineering

Specialist knowledge required:
  • Forecasting - Demand: Knowledge of demand forecasting and inventory management techniques, processes and best practices.
  • Inventory Management: Optimize inventory levels using statistical models to design min/max/reorder levels. Knowledge of asset management procedures, policies and information used to optimize inventory levels and/or fill rates (e.g., balance inventory levels against inventory carrying costs).
  • Supply Chain: Knowledge of elements that make up the supply chain and the interrelationship between these elements. Ability to manage and execute strategies across the supply chain to reduce costs and gain efficiencies in the completion of a quality finished good. Ability to analyze, balance, synchronize and synergize all internal and external resources and assets to ensure the progress and ultimate completion of a finished good.
  • CCR Processes: Knowledge of CCR processes (e.g., fulfillment, settlement and purchase orders). Knowledge of specific supply chain process design standards and operating methods (e.g., packaging equipment, service and installation, order management). Knowledge of the impact, interdependencies and relationships that each function within the supply chain has on each of the other functions.
  • Process Improvement: Ability to collaborate cross-functionally and coordinate efforts around process improvement. Ability to analyze business processes and develop systems-based solutions that will improve current state.
  • Information Systems: Knowledge and use of existing CCR Technical Information Systems (e.g., JDE, DBS, SAP, Intranet) to generate necessary data. Ability to access, analyze and utilize information in a manner that adds value to the Company. Ability to propose system enhancements based on business needs.
  • Computer Modeling: Knowledge of statistical and mathematical computer programs and modeling techniques. Ability to apply and analyze large amounts of data for developing projections and estimates (e.g., transportation routings, supplier optimization, review of reactive mechanical service records).
  • Monitoring, Measurement and Metrics: Knowledge of key business drivers or measures used to gauge the effectiveness and performance of an internal group or a supplier. Ability to determine appropriate measures or metrics. Ability to measure against those standards. Ability to communicate performance standards and metrics.
  • Logistics Management: Ability to strategically align distribution processes to fulfill customer requirements (e.g., configuration of supply chain). Basic knowledge of supply chain integration, logistics network designs, transportation management and warehouse management best practices. Knowledge of geography for use in logistics and transportation decision- making.
  • Customer Focus: Making customers (external and internal) and their needs a primary focus of one's actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships; creating and executing plans and solutions in collaboration with the customer.
Behavioural competencies
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and implement rapid changes in project direction.
  • Ability to condense highly technical subject matter into clear and effective communications to Senior Management.
  • Razor-sharp analytical skills, especially the ability to identify trends and drawing conclusions from vast amounts of data
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Self-starter, a quick learner with very strong analytical thinking
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas concisely
  • Active listening
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem solving/decision making
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Information gathering and interpretation skills
  • Decision making and judgement skills
  • People management skills
  • Ability to be adaptable and flexible
In order to be considered for this position all candidates must register and upload their CV’s on our website at

Only short listed candidates will be contacted

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