Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Judiciary Coat of Arms Design Competition

Republic of Kenya

The Judiciary

Coat of Arms Design Competition

The Judiciary is one of the three co-equal arms of government. Its chief mission is to resolve disputes in a just manner with a view to protecting the rights and liberties of all, thereby facilitating the attainment of the ideal rule of law. 
The Judiciary performs this function by providing independent, accessible and responsive fora for the resolution of disputes.
Towards the definition of an image for the Judiciary, the Judiciary seeks to establish its own Coat of Arms that will be distinct from the other arms of government. 
The envisioned Coat of Arms should take into consideration the Judiciary Transformation Framework, which seeks to transform the Judiciary into an independent but complementary partner with other branches of government (www.judiciary.go.ke.)
The Coat of Arms must capture the principles that the Judiciary adheres to as outlined in the Constitution {Article 159 (2) and Article 160 (1)} which creates the basic architecture for Judicial Transformation, namely;
  1. The Judiciary must do justice to all irrespective of status.
  2. The Judiciary must provide justice expeditiously.
  3. The Judiciary must promote alternative forms of dispute resolution.
  4. The Judiciary must administer justice without undue regard to procedural technicalities.
  5. The Judiciary must protect and promote the purpose and principles of the Constitution.
i. Entrants must be Kenyan citizens
ii. The contest is open to individuals and teams; The contest is not open to companies, educational institutions or organizations.
iii. Entrants must be of sufficient legal age and standing to enter into a contract with the Judiciary
Entry Guidelines
i. The entrants are required to download an entry form from the website of the Judiciary,www.judiciary.go.ke/competition
ii. The entry form must be submitted with a soft copy of the design in CD-ROM either in JPEG or PDF
iii. Entrants must not submit more than one entry
iv. There is no fee to enter the contest
The designer of the winning Coat of Arms design will be announced on the Judiciary website. 
The winning  design will be awarded with a cash prize of kshs. 200,000 and a certificate. 
A cash prize of Kshs. 100,000 and a certificate of appreciation will also be given to the first runner up. 
A cash prize of Kshs. 50,000 and a certificate of appreciation will also be given to the second runner up.
All entrants must submit an entry form that can be downloaded from the website of the Judiciary
Further information on the judging selection and criteria, Coat of Arms features, submissions, copyright and usage, final decision as well as the entry form can be downloaded from the Judiciary website, (www.judiciary.go.ke/competition)
An entry form and two (2) soft copies of the Coat of Arms design in CD-ROM are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked “The Judiciary Coat of Arms Design Competition” and be deposited in the tender box provided at the main gate to the Supreme Court Building, Gate No.1 City Hall Way, Nairobi or be addressed and posted to:
Chief Registrar of the Judiciary
P.O Box 30041-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
to be received on or before 11th February 2013 at 1700hrs.
Entries will be opened in the presence of the entrants or their representatives who choose to attend the opening at the conference room, 2nd Floor, Supreme Court Building, City Hall Way, Nairobi.
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