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Constituencies Development Fund Board Jobs Opportunities in Kenya

Republic of Kenya

Constituencies Development Fund Board

Career Opportunities

The Constituencies Development Fund Board is mandated by the Constituencies Development Fund Act, 2003 as amended in 2007 to ensure timely and efficient disbursement of funds to constituencies.

In order to fulfil its mandate, the Constituencies Development Fund Board seeks to recruit qualified, experienced, dynamic and highly motivated candidates to fill the following positions in Administration, Projects, ICT, HR, Procurement and Legal departments: Chief Executive Officer, Fund Account Managers, Chief Internal Auditor, Corporate Communications Manager, ICT User Support Officer, ICT Systems Administrator, Procurement Officer, Senior Human Resource Officer, Human Resource Officer, Legal Officer and Regional Coordinator,

Chief Executive Officer

Ref No. CDFB/01/2012

1 Post

Pursuant to section 7(1) of the Constituencies Development Fund (Amendment) Act, 2007, the CDF Board wishes to invite applications from suitably qualified candidates for the post of Chief Executive Officer.

Applications should be in writing, detailing academic and professional qualifications, working experience, telephone, email and postal contacts and names & addresses of three referees. Certified copies of relevant certificates and testimonials MUST be attached.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chief Executive Officer shall be responsible to the Board for the supervision and control of day-to-day administration of the Fund.

The Duties and Responsibilities shall be:-
  • Secretary and Technical Advisor to the Board
  • Accounting Officer of the Board
  • Authorized Officer of the Board on staffing matters
  • Supervision and control of the day-to-day administration of the Fund
  • Mandatory signatory to the CDF National Account with the Central Bank of Kenya
  • Ensure efficient and effective management of funds and other resources
  • Ensure timely compilation of proper records, returns and reports from the constituencies and that books of accounts and other books and related records to the Funds are properly kept
  • Ensure timely and efficient disbursement of funds to every constituency in full compliance with the CDF Act, 2003 and CDF (Amendment Act, 2007)
  • Ensure that monthly returns of the movement of funds are prepared as appropriate for submission to Parliament
  • Effectively recruiting, developing, heading and managing the Fund management team
  • Ensure training of officers involved in project management and members of the Constituency Development Fund Committees (CDFC) are conducted and coordinated to standards that ensure effective utilization of public resources
  • Ensure proper accounts are prepared and submitted to the Auditor-General in accordance with the provisions of the Government Financial Management Act, 2004
  • Networking and collaboration with the stakeholders to ensure optimal utilization of resources
  • Coordinate recruitment and placement of Human Resources for Fund administration
  • Ensure trainings of officers involved in project management and members of the Constituency Development Fund Committees are conducted and coordinated to desirable standards
  • Ensure policies formulated by the Board for the running of the Fund are implemented
  • Oversee the implementation of the CDF Board Strategic Plan
  • Initiate training programmes for the Fund’s Human Capital Development
  • Receive and address complaints and disputes and take appropriate action in consultation with the Board
  • Receive and consider the project proposals submitted from the various constituencies in accordance with the Act and forward to the Board for approval of funding
  • Any other duty as may be assigned by the Board.
Job Requirements
  • Be a Kenyan Citizen.
  • Proven track record in leadership and demonstrated capacity to articulate a clear vision and motivate staff towards its realization
  • Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, and a superior ability to communicate effectively using a variety of media, aligning stakeholders behind the Board’s vision and create a higher motivating working environment
  • Thorough knowledge of Government Financial Regulations, practices and procedures
  • Clear grasp of all relevant laws and statues and good understanding of their requirements, particularly the statutory guidelines on the Public Procurement and Disposal Act to enhance operational efficiency and high quality decision making ability to generate long term benefits of the board.
  • Working knowledge of labour legislations and the Employment Act, 2007 and their implications at the work place
  • Meets the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution on leadership and integrity
  • Sound knowledge of the Public Service Reform Programme
  • Good understanding of the decentralized public service delivery system focusing on community based participatory strategies, and ability to manage change and organization ambiguity effectively whilst inspiring the creation of total solutions in support of the vision, mission and the values of the Board.
  • Experience in management of devolved funds and an appreciation of the country’s diversity in terms of geographical, economic, social and political environments at both national and decentralized levels
  • Ability to develop and maintain productive business relations with all stakeholders, mainly members of the Constituencies Fund Committee of Parliament and relevant Ministries to ensure that the Board’s Strategic objectives are achieved.
Academic Qualifications
  • University Degree in Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Economics, Community Development, Law or a related field from a recognized University
  • At least 10 years’ working experience in a relevant field, three of which must be at senior management level.
  • Masters Degree in the relevant field will be an added advantage.
Fund Account Managers

Ref No. CDFB/02/2012

11 Posts

Application are invited from qualified candidates for the position of Fund Account Manager specifically from Cherengany, Dujis, Kitutu Chache, Lurambi, Marakwet East, Keiyo South, Turkana North, Laisamis, Magarini, Isiolo South, Lamu East and Baringo Central to fill the vacant post of Fund Account Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

Programme Management
  • Prepare monthly project update/progress reports for submission to the National Programme Coordinator through the Regional Coordinators
  • Prepare and submit comprehensive quarterly project Implementation status reports
  • Maintenance of minutes, records and information relating to CDF projects  implemented in the constituency
  • Liaise with District Departmental Heads in the management of CDF projects.
  • Offer technical advice on Government regulations and policies on public procurement and financial management to CDFCs.
  • Prepare and maintain a list of all constituencies’ projects proposals including budgets and work plans for submission to the CDF Board in accordance with the Constituencies Development Fund (Amendment), Act 2007.
  • Networking and collaboration with stakeholders operating in the constituencies to create awareness of CDF projects.
  • Capacity Building of CDFCs and Project Management Committees (PMCs) on project planning, implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Constituency Development Fund Committee
  • Monitoring of M&E meetings through proper record keeping.
Financial Management
  • Maintain a complete file of financial records of individual projects within the constituency. This includes vouchers, LPOs, receipts, contracts, Consultancies etc in compliance with Public Procurement and Disposal Act and Government Financial Management Act.
  • Prepare and submit to the office of the Chief Manager, Financial Services monthly expenditure returns based on the above records.
  • Prepare monthly Cash Book and Bank Reconciliations Statements for the constituency
  • Maintain a register of assets and liabilities of the Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDFC).
  • Maintain all financial records for audit purposes and attend to all audit queries
  • Remit CDFC employees’ monthly statutory deductions to Government
  • Preparation of the draft final accounts for the constituency and submission of the same to the CDF headquarters for consolidation in accordance with section 6(1)(b) of the CDF Act.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree in Commerce, Economics or any other relevant discipline.
Professional/Technical Qualifications
  • CPA II or Postgraduate Training in Accounting; and
  • Postgraduate Training in Project Management. 
  • Work Experience
  • 3 years relevant work experience in Accounting Field; or
  • 3 years relevant work experience in Project Management.
Chief Internal Auditor

Ref No. CDFB/03/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Carries out secretarial responsibilities for the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee;
  • Follows up action points as directed by the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee;
  • Carries out special investigative audits as assigned by the CEO;
  • Prepares budgets for the Internal Audit department;
  • Organizes external meetings for the Audit and Risk Management committees;
  • Oversees administration of the Internal Audit and Risk Management Functions;
  • Carries out annual performance appraisal of Audit and Risk Management staff;
  • Prepares and controls departmental annual budget; and
  • Identifies the department’s training needs and facilitates implementation of training programmes.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors degree in Business related field
  • Masters Degree in Business related field will be an added advantage.
Professional Qualifications
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA K) or equivalent.
Work Experience
  • 7 years relevant work experience in a senior position. 
  • Senior Manager Corporate Affairs & Communications

Ref No. CDFB/04/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develops and implements an appropriate corporate public relations strategy and policies;
  • Develops for approval and implements corporate social responsibility programmes;
  • Formulates and coordinates the implementation of CDF Board’s public relations programmes such as open days, public service week, trade fairs and other exhibitions;
  • Liaises with media houses for coverage of CDF Board’s events and in raising awareness of its functions and activities to ensure the right information and product is delivered to the public and other stakeholders;
  • Edits and produces the organization’s newsletter, magazine and brochures;
  • Responds to media queries and complaints about the organization;
  • Prepares speeches, briefs, messages, press supplements, press statements, news releases and feature articles;
  • Coordinates and administers corporate protocol and hospitality affairs;
  • Develops and executes plans for official and social functions;
  • Responds to queries, concerns and complaints from members of the public and other stakeholders;
  • Maintains and updates information on the organization’s website; and
  • Develops a framework for, and initiates Customer Feedback.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Sciences or its equivalent.
  • Masters Degree in Communications/PR/Journalism will be an added advantage
Professional/Technical Qualifications
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Corporate Communications or its equivalence.
Work Experience
  • 7 years experience in Corporate Communications at middle management level.
  • Be a member of good standing of a communication or Journalism professional body.
ICT Officer - User Support

Ref No. CDFB/05/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Monitors the effectiveness and reliability of all hardware forming the computer network and accessories;
  • Sets up computers on the network system, and trains all users in equipment use and basic maintenance, and network operations;
  • Maintains a help desk to support users in use of their equipment and solving technical problems;
  • Carries out preventative maintenance and repairs of computer hardware and network;
  • Updates the Snr. Manager, ICT on regular basis, on the overall performance of the computer network;
  • Maintains and updates an inventory of the organisation’s hardware; and
  • Reviews users’ requirements for new hardware and evaluates new products for this purpose.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science/Information and Communication Technology.
Professional Qualifications
  • Postgraduate training and proficiency in computer operating systems and software applications.
Work Experience
  • 3 years experience in Systems Administration in ICT department in the Public Sector or large Private firm.
ICT Officer - System Administrator

Ref No. CDFB/06/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develops operating systems installation plans to ensure Operating Systems software is properly installed, tested and tuned to maximum operating efficiency;
  • Conducts server operating system performance analysis, evaluates levels of systems operations and devises measures to improve overall performance;
  • Customizes and upgrades operating and related systems to meet ongoing user needs;
  • Maintains a daily log of operating systems activity/events;
  • Carries out diagnosis of the problems experienced by users and resolves operating system and programs failures;
  • Ensures that an adequate backup regime is in place and is being followed;
  • Maintains backup media and off site backup storage; and
  • Liaises with the operating systems software suppliers to ensure that problems are resolved.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • B.Sc. degree in Computer Science /Information and Communication Technology.
Professional Qualifications
  • Postgraduate training and proficiency in computer operating systems and software applications.
Work Experience
  • 3 Years experience in Systems Administration in ICT department in the Public Sector or large Private firm.
Regional Coordinator

Ref No. CDFB/07/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Liaises with Project Coordinators in Constituencies within the region in order to update project implementation status reports and build a data bank;
  • Maintains records of funds disbursed and received by each constituency;
  • Advises CDFCs and Project Coordinators on existing government procurement procedures they are required to follow;
  • Assists in solving conflicts between local residents and CDFCs as a support to Project Coordinators;
  • Responds to Audit queries concerning the operations of the Region;
  • Responds to complaints from stakeholders in the region;
  • Coordinates Monitoring and Evaluation of CDF projects in the region;
  • Represents the CDF Board at various stakeholder forums organized by both government and civil society sectors in the region;
  • Coordinates CDF Board sponsored trainings in order to capacity-build CDFCs;
  • Ensures accountability and responsibility for Project Coordinators; and
  • Prepares and submits regional returns to the Head Office.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree in Economics, Business/Finance/Community Development or any other related fields.
Professional/Technical Qualifications
  • Postgraduate qualification in Project Management, Business Administration or any Business related field.
Work Experience
  • 3 years as a programme officer or related field
Procurement Officer

Ref No. CDFB/08/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Prepares requests for quotations for approved purchase requisitions;
  • Produces and handles sale of tender documents;
  • Follows up tender advertisements;
  • Secretary to the Procurement Committee;
  • Handles request for quotations;
  • Coordinates evaluation of quotations;
  • Follows up orders to suppliers;
  • Follows up delivery from suppliers;
  • Processes and follows up payment to suppliers;
  • Approves issuance of stores;
  • Compiles list of stores due for disposal;
  • Prepares reports on awards by Procurement Committee for approval by the Tender Committee on quarterly basis;
  • Takes and prepares minutes of the departmental meetings;
  • Keeps custody of procurement documents; and
  • Prepares procurement plans for the department and assists in the preparation of consolidated procurement plan for the CDF Board.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree in Business related field.
Professional/Technical Qualifications
  • Diploma in Supplies Management.
Work Experience
  • 3 years work experience in Purchasing and Stores Operations.
SNR HR Officer

Ref No. CDFB/09/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Processes letters of appointment as authorized;
  • Coordinates staff training activities;
  • Oversees efficient performance of the general Human Resource management administration, including HR Records management and Pensions administration;
  • Coordinates performance management processes;
  • Administers staff welfare activities such as Group Medical Cover, Group personal Accident Cover, WIBA, NHIF and NSSF; and
  • Undertakes administrative activities related to staff discipline.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree in social sciences.
Professional/Technical Qualifications
  • Postgraduate training in Human Resource Management.
Work Experience
  • 5 years experience in human resource management at equivalent level.
Human Resource Officer

Ref No. CDFB/010/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Verifies staff allowance claims;
  • Handles staff Retirement Benefit Scheme/Medical Scheme in liaison with the Corporate and Legal Affairs Office;
  • Consolidates and collates data and prepares Departmental Monthly/Annual reports;
  • Drafts general internal and external correspondences and circulars;
  • Maintains records of Pension Scheme and prepares monthly contribution schedules for timely remittance;
  • Files Pension Claims with the Insurers and ensures timely and accurate settlement of Pension Claims of retiring members and other withdrawals; and
  • Liaises with RBA for compliance with rules and regulations with regards to the Administration of the Pension Scheme.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences.
Professional/Technical Qualifications
  • Diploma in HR or Post-graduate training in HR.
Work Experience
  • 3 years experience at middle management level.
Legal Officer

Ref No. CDFB/011/2012

1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provides legal advice to the CDF Board and its CDF Committees;
  • Facilitates dispute resolution process between various agencies of the CDF Board;
  • Assists in provision of secretarial services to the Complaints and Arbitration Committee;
  • Handles corruption related issues in liaison and close consultation with all corruption prevention agencies and stakeholders;
  • Coordinates representation of the CDF Board in courts in the event of litigations;
  • Provides legal advice to the CDF Board on contractual matters; and
  • Advises CDF Board on compliance issues.
Minimum Academic Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law.
Professional Qualifications
  • Diploma in Law from KSL;
  • Advocate of the High Court of Kenya; and
  • Member, LSK.
Work Experience
  • 3 years working experience in legal environment.
A competitive remuneration package will be offered to successful candidates on a three-year contract renewable subject to performance.

Applications should be in writing detailing, academic, and professional qualifications, current salary, working experience, telephone number, email address, postal contacts and names of three referees, certified copies of relevant certificates and testimonials MUST be attached.

If you believe you have the relevant qualifications, experience and abilities to fill the above positions, please submit you application and detailed CV so as to reach the undersigned by 24th February, 2012.

Applications should clearly indicate the position reference and day time telephone number.

The CDF Board Secretariat
Harambee Coop Plaza, 10th Floor
P. O. Box 46682 – 00100
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